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An actor, film director, producer, and writer originally from New York, now splits his time between Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong, Derek strives to challenge himself in everything he does.

Derek   Just released Agent Revelation​, a Sci-Fi Action Thriller, Starring Star Trek Alum Michael Dorn, Kayla Ewell (Vampire Diaries) distributed by Quiver Distribution.




 He's starred in several feature films:

$upercapitalist shot in Hong Kong, New York, released by Warner Bros.;

Always, a romance drama shot in Hong Kong and Shanghai released in 60 countries by Paramount Pictures, and

Agent Intell1gence, a science fiction action thriller, released this 2017, entirely in California that explores the origins of the Pyramids, Stone Henge, and the Great Wall as well as Alien conspiracies.  Agent was acquired by Hulu.

Recently, he wrote and directed 2 science fiction short films, "Lucid" and "Genie". 

Lucid just hit over 1.5 Million views on YOUTUBE

He's the creative director for Random Art Workshop Films with Joyce Yung a prominent photographer and producer, and he directs lifestyle branding videos, corporate and music videos, and has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest stars and brands in entertainment, both in Asia, and North America. He loves to travel, play sports, and exercise. He's a former CNN Producer, ex-Doubleclicker(now Google), Mercer consultant, and Cornell University graduate.   

Derek also has a Youtube Channel devoted to his work as a filmmaker and actor. 

Finally their Production company label is:  Random Art Workshop

He currently writes about tech for the South China Morning Post.

Previous Films

ALWAYS poster 04132015 27x40in.jpg
Agent Derek on Rock Poster Portrait -1 D

Derek Ting's first feature: $upercapitalist

Supercapitalist is a financial thriller about a maverick New York hedge fund trader sent to Hong Kong to orchestrate a megadeal that spins out of his control.  Stars Golden Globe nominee Linus Roache(Batman Begins, Vikings, Homeland) and Hong Kong veteran actors Kenneth Tsang(Die Another Day, Rush Hour 2), and Richard Ng with Derek Ting as the lead actor.   Released 2012 via Warner Bros. 


Always is a Romantic Drama about a lawyer who meets an Shanghainess heiress to a hotel empire.  Always was acquired by Paramount Pictures and released in 60+ countries and translated into 13 different languages released in 2015.  It premiered at the Julien Dubuque Film Festival(Top 50 festival) and received a Best Cinematography nomination by the LA film review.


My first foray into action and working with a top stunt team.  Entirely shot and produced in Los Angeles, Agent is the first part to an action sci-fi thriller.  Agent Revelation(PART II) released January 2021 to all major platforms.

My first love was acting.  But now my greater love is in being a part of the total creation, in the field in front of or behind the camera, acquiring skills in all disciplines from script to production to post production to make me a better artist.  Filmmaking is a team sport, and I want to be like Michael Jordan, with the ability to play the game and lead a team to victory.  I don't need to be the coach or the general manager, I just love being in the game, having fun, and winning at my craft.

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About Me

There's no doubt, there's a content war erupting.  Everyone is fighting for attention.  I humbly will tell you that I've been honing my craft in many disciplines so that I can become the best story teller possible, be it acting, writing, directing, or editing.  To do that, I've written, produced, and directed, and starred in features produced across Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and California that have been released internationally acquired by Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and Hulu which have succeeded in drawing great numbers in both the US and China as well as other countries globally.  I've directed TV World Cup commercials, and big branded content like spots for Marriott Hotels.  I'm the tech reviewer video and written for the South China Morning Post, and mainly that has come about because of my love for it as well as my belief that using tech in film gives me a great advantage when it comes to production efficiency.  It's taking me years of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and as CEO Howard Schultz of Starbucks would put it, "getting in the mud", and now I'm confident in any situation, any role, and even any place around the world.  I'm here to do great work, with great messages, and change one person at a time.  Don't hesitate to reach out and say hello so I might learn something new, or get the opportunity to help you on your project.

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