Game of Thrones: Why it fails to completely succeed

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I am enjoying delivering my blog to you weekly now, and a huge welcome to all of my new subscribers on facebook, youtube, twitter, and my blog. I continue to share my experience as an actor, writer, director, techie and I evolve by expressing my thoughts. So I remind you to take this not as anything but one human's journey to understand and build upon his craft.

I recently finished the entire series of Game of Thrones. I had seen up to Season 6 following in sync with the release and then got busy with the our filmmaking and never found the time to finish it out until now during our age of Covid-19. As I'm building my own saga for the Agent series it was the perfect time to study, in my mind, one of the greatest television series ever made.

Firstly, let's talk about why I think it could be one of the greatest series ever made while full aware of some of the complaints about the ending. No spoilers yet. I would say up until season 6, the great thing about it was that HBO spends the money on its television series with budgets somewhere closer to blockbuster budgets and so it attracts the top talent and it is able to full realize the vision, the Visual effects, Production design, Costumes, locations, and acting are top notch. Therefore, because the story line was carved up until then there were going to be blemishes, but ultimately audiences will forgive you as long as you mostly get it right.

As an independent filmmaker, you are always compromising while trying to maximize what you have. During Agent Revelation, I raised investment for the production budget, then based on the edit, I was able to raise further investment for the visual effects and post production. It was at each step, that I was pushing to make the project bigger and better. There are advantages to working in an indie way, just this December 2019 I shot some pickups and an action sequence (that's a 2 minute continuous shot) which I think really ties a lot of what I wanted together. This sort of organic evolution of a project, from script writing, to production, to the editing/post is what can elevate the most important goal: the story.

I'm not saying I am by any means perfect, there are scars and bruises along the way, and I can see those in my film. But, I can also see, with more money and time, where the potential of my movies can be without those shackles.

Bringing it all together:

With Season 7 and 8, I have to say that after watching it, I was super impressed with what they did and how they ended it. So, to the showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, you guys did a great job of of tying it all together. I can't imagine all the complexity of the characters, their storylines, and trying to just make it all work. I also can't imagine the enormous pressure you might have been under with budgets, time, personalities, corporate bureaucracy. I was absolutely sad to end the series, and feel I'm going to miss the character's and their journeys.

Spoilers ahead:

With that being said, in my own opinion let me discuss why some fans might be outraged about the way it all ended while also demonstrating why even the greatest series with all the money can fall short and therefore highlights how hard it is to make films.

To me, I think the ultimate flaw(yes there are other flaws) is I knew Jon was going to kill Danearys and when it happened, I felt nothing. It was weird, I think I was sadder for other characters and especially Drogon when he carried her away. There were clues to her character turning along the way, but I think it was almost as if the narrative shifted completely away from her and onto Jon Snow and Tyrion, or perhaps even nobody. And so I think that even though she took steps to justify her killing innocent people, it was very hard to buy it. Who knows, maybe there are some scenes they cut. Maybe the writing just needed a little more time to breathe for them to realize this, and believe me the writing is top, but once you are rolling, you can imagine, it's hard to go back.

Here I am trying to solve this riddle...but it's so complex, it might not have been able to be solved, at least not in the time allowed. George Martin is a gardener and not an architect as he says, his writing and characters evolve as he explores them. Even under pressure, he did not bend to finishing the books even though the TV series had a finite timeline to produce. And so, you are going to get a great production out of the TV series from the team, but it was never going to reach its true potential with its life blood and soul absent from the story telling.

I've also been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey and Masterchef and maybe the best way to relate to my opinion of the ending: the dish is slightly undercooked but it's great in every other aspect. Except in this case, You can't just put it back in the oven. What a shame.


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