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Agent Revelation: Drawing the finish line.

Last night in Hong Kong, I had a private preview for few partners and producers of Agent Revelation. We’ve been working on the sound mix in Surround sound and because of Covid, I’m unable to be in Los Angeles with Ben Wilkins(Oscar winner for Whiplash). So we had been taking notes with my headphones and screen set up, but this was the first time I had heard and seen the picture on a theatrical video and sound system.

I was very challenged on the project and to see it play through fully, trying to detect details or flaws and finding just a few tweaks left was sensational. After seeing a movie you’ve done, you forget after awhile and your perspective becomes warped. It’s impossible to remember every single story of how something was done, but when you see it with fresh eyes, it comes back to you flooding the good times in making it, and all the turns in the road you encounter, wondering if you will arrive.

With over 10 action sequences, 500 visual effects, I underestimated how much work and hard this was going to be without oodles of money. As an indie filmmaker, I don’t have a major corporation to bail Me out If I make too many mistakes. Everything has been on execution and key decisions.

The project was already good in February, I could have turned the project over and said it was finished months earlier. But in these last few months, I‘ve slowly pushed and tweaked, and so where should I stop?

how can we judge creativity, quality. Art to me is highly subjective, the cumulation of your experiences ultimately determines taste as well as your state of mind at the point you see something.

So therefore, in order to create a finish line for my film, and “feel good about it” I defined my own set of objectives and priorities.

I walked the path, I gave it every ounce of my mind body and soul, I didn’t stop when others would have felt I

achieved my goals, I only stopped when I was satisfied. It is also key that your team are experts too and dedicated to doing great work, that see your vision, and mindset.

What we create into this world represents us, and no matter what a person says about you and your work, it is knowing and being confident in your craft of your creation, choosing the best quality of the ingredients you can find, and making sure those ingredients ultimately, when combined and consumed, make you feel good.

i feel good everyone, I can’t wait for you to watch it and share it with you.


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Agent Revelation(coming Nov 2020)

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