Film Reviews for Agent Revelation in 2021

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well. Just wanted to thank all the people who took the time to review Agent Revelation from a publication or even just people who saw the movie and became fans!

Here are just a few:

New York Times Robert Daniels recommends us as best of 2021

Nerds that Geek "something for Sci-Fi fans everywhere"

Digital Journal - "An Entertaining and Gripping FIlm! - Agent Revelation Film Review

World Film Geek - "A new hero is set to be born" Agent Revelation Film Review

Trek Report - "Michael Dorn Shines in Sci-fi Action Film Agent Revelation" Review

Film Threat - "Stylish Techno-tainment!" - Agent Revelation Film Review

Midwest Film Journal - "Big heart and a lot of fun" - Agent Film Review

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