Apple set to dominate your television...and every other screen you own.

So I did a video with tech startup KOL(Influencer) Casey Lau before Apple's big "It's Showtime event" talking about what we might expect and where its headed. I've been on a constant search to make my life more efficient and enjoyable and I learn a lot from the people who are passionate in their respective fields. Because as you know I love tech as well, I'm calling this video the first of a series of what I call "Upgrade". Glean what you like from my mistakes, successes, and most importantly, curiosity.

Now that Apple has announced much of their plans, here are a few things that stood out to me. I should disclose that I recently loaded up on Apple stock, not because I'm a fanboy, yes I love them especially for what they stand for, but there have been times where their products and services have frustrated the hell out of me.

1. Apple iTunes built-in to Television manufacturer brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Visio.

I knew about Samsung and LG, but being on Sony and Visio will cover the gamut of most television owners. Visio makes affordable televisions that sell at places like Target, so that means we can expect Apple iTunes everywhere and without the need to use a dongle, or for Mom and Dad to ask their kids how to use it.

2. Many of the separate networks combined on Apple TV.

You'll get Showtime, and HBO, and surprisingly Amazon Prime will be there too. Almost everyone except Netflix will be included in this offering. You'll ask, does Netflix need to be on there? I say no, because it already has the user base, so Netflix is going to be forced to keep pumping out original content because everyone else is pulling there's from the platform. Oddly, I feel Apple is pulling an 80's Microsoft by playing nice with everyone.

3. TV OS

So essentially, Apple TV is becoming its own operating system. An OS within an OS, a Matrix within a Matrix. There'll be so much to choose from, you never leave, and read that as, Apple TV will become the place to be in terms of content.