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What is fatherhood? My exploration of character in Agent Revelation.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I just wanted to wish all you a Happy Father's Day. Because my own father had a profound effect on my own personality, writing about a character's parents has always been key to fleshing out the character.

If you've watched "Agent I", you'll know that Jim's character is adopted, and we learn more about his character in "Agent Revelation". In "Supercapitalist", Conner lost his father at the age of 8. If I choose to push forward on a project, it's only because I feel the underlying character story is something I am curious about to learn more about myself. I had a loving family, a great father, and that's not to say my father was always by my side, in my ear, telling me what to do, and how to do things.

CAPTION: MICHAEL DORN (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION), Behind the scenes on the set of Agent Revelation. We were discussing a scene from the script (that little piece of paper in my hand.)

My father was often working, so growing up, we did spend time together, but that was only on his few days off. Before he retired, he was a doctor, so he would work 3 jobs: 8 - 4pm as his main job, then a freelance job, from 7 - 11pm, and he started his own practice that would be on Saturdays. Putting 3 kids through college was something he did without any help from his parents and though we had a decent childhood, thriftiness was slowly built into our DNA.

I remember our only free time was were those odd hours and he was a big movie buff, so he'd rent 10 movies from the 1 and 2 dollar movie rental store, and we'd watch all the movies we could over the weekend together. This is how I fell in love with movies, in particular action and thrillers. Looking back, I believe it was his way of switching his brain into a new world, so I think that has highly influenced me, even in my development of doing a romance drama like "Always", a type of movie we rarely watched, I tried to infuse as many locations as possible of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

When I was writing "Agent Revelation", a friend of mine told me his personal story about adoption, and it was so fascinating: the core of the feelings he endured and perservered was a character exploration I wanted to tell as a writer, director, and live as an actor. Who are if we don't have that force to give us direction? Who are we if we don't have someone to teach us how to treat others?

Almost ready to present part II, as I push into writing "Agent 3", what is fatherhood? Is it the presence of a father that makes us strong or weak, or is the absence of a father and the discovery of who we are on our own the journey we must all walk?

If it's anything I've come to realize myself in my opinion, anyone can be a father to someone regardless of DNA. Guiding a young person to be able to make their own decisions is a seed one can plant every day.

Happy Father's Day everyone!


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