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Specifically Hong Kong: A starter guide

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A quick summary of ideas you might search on for your trip to Hong Kong

Having in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, I'm always asked about Hong Kong, especially for those visiting or passing through. And of course the first thing people will mention is Dim Sum, the second might be Lan Kwai Fong for night life, and the third, Victoria Peak.

From there, there's taking the ferry across the harbor from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Tsa Tsui and doing the walk of the stars. Want to take a day trip, you can go see the Big Buddha or you can go to Macau and hit the casinos, see a show, shop, and eat buffets or fine dining that will be just a good and likely less expensive than Vegas counterparts.

Want to shop souvenirs and T-shirts? Check out the Ladies Market, or better yet, hike over HK Island from Quarry Bay over to Repulse Bay and end up in Stanley Market which is just as fun and also by the water.

There are tons of things and places to do in Hong Kong, and everything is so close together that you can easily hop from place to place via walking, tram, metro or taxi. Food, to city life, to shopping, and let's not forget HK has nature and culture, there's something for everybody, but here's a list of things I think are specifically Hong Kong to me:

My Hong Kong things you must try:

Hot Milk Tea

Evaporated milk and a strong dark tea, the thick cup somehow makes it taste better. This will certainly wake you up. Common as most "diners" but pretty much available everywhere.

Ice Lemon Tea

American's will think it's crazy to pay for ice, but anything cold has a small upcharge. You can't go wrong with an ice lemon tea where you mash the lemon with a long spoon.

Cafe De Coral

Can you get a better fast food breakfast in a metropolitan city for less than 3 USD? Surprisingly good, it wouldn't hurt your wallet to try.

Siu Mei(roasted meats)

Speaking of Cafe De Coral, you could certainly try the roast pork, duck, soy sauce chicken there, but for a more authentic experience, find a place that hangs these in the window. I personally like places with tons of turnover, so don't be turned off by a place that looks shabby, be wary if no one is there.

Golden Goose

Of the Siu Mei's, Goose is more hard to come by other than Hong Kong. There's a few famous ones in Central, Lan Kwai Fong, like Yung Kee, but honestly, I prefer places that have high turnover and crowded, with the stuff hanging in the window. Try it with rice, but also, Hong Kong makes an equally if not better noodle soup version.

Tsui Wah

One of the most signature places, you either eat here for a quick meal, or you end up here because you've been out drinking all night. Iconic to say the least.


The ultimate in convenience(so is circle K), go in, and take a look. You can charge your phone or get a sim card if necessary.


In central, there are escalators that take you to a lot of the roads in Soho, and it's outdoor! Be on the lookout up above, Hong Kong is a place where you'll see shops on the 2nd floor and above and this is a good way to get an idea of this concept.

Tai Kwun

Speaking of escalators, this is recently the old jail that's been rennovated. It's now a really cool place to walk around, that has a museum, some cool bars and restaurants. It's also conveniently in Central.

I'll continue to add to this list, OR feel free to comment on if this helped you and how I can improve it!

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